With the exception of the ibex, the golden eagle and the otter, all the species are night animals, so the best time to see them is at sunset or at dawn. We will need to be at the selected locations, with the appropriate footwear, clothing and wildlife watching equipment, at least two hours in advance. The aim is to watch wild animals in their natural habitat, which is thick leafy woodland in an extremely mountainous area, so this will be a challenging and delicate task and we should wait quietly and patiently.

Once it is completely dark or it is mid-morning there is no need to stay in the watching locations so you will have the rest of the day to enjoy many other activities in “los Valles del Oso”:

Listening to the wolves howl in winter and the sound of the “berrea” (deer bellowing) in September and October.

Trekking in the mountains where you can explore the stunning landscapes and be away from the bustle of other areas.

Walking or riding bicycles in the “Senda del Oso” where you will pass by the river surrounded by forests and canyons. We will provide you with bicycles from Oso Goloso, a 20-year-old bike hire company.

Visiting the most important natural monuments in “Valles del Oso”.

Enjoying the local food. You should not leave before tasting the local gastronomy and you will have the chance to do a food tasting at the Hotel Plaza de la Abadia.

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